Aircraft and Pricing

NEFC - New England Flying Club

Rates and fees

Club members pay monthly dues to cover the fixed expenses and an hourly rate when flying. The hourly rate is wet (includes fuel and oil) and is based on the Hobbs.

  • Dues = $59.00/month
  • We have added a New Plane Purchase surcharge to the monthly dues. Once we purchase a new plane, the fixed dues will be adjusted accordingly
  • Skipper = $80.20/hr

To join NEFC, submit your application with:

  • Initiation fee: $250.00
  • Refundable Security deposit: $250.00
  • First months dues

Equipment list

  • 2 seats/2 doors
  • 2 place intercom
  • Michel/TKM MX-170B digital flip-flop NAV/COM
  • IFR Certified
  • Uavionix tailBeacon for ADS-B compliance
  • 115hp
  • Usable fuel: 19/29 gallons (full/tabs)
  • 6 gph
  • Economical; perfect for flying solo or shorter trips
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