About Us

NEFC - New England Flying Club

What is a flying club?

A flying club is a group of pilots who come together in a cooperative effort to own and fly airplanes. A club has a group of board members who spearhead this effort and make policy with regard to rules and regulations governing the use of the aircraft. The board also ensures that the planes are airworthy and in compliance with FAA regulations.

A flying club fills the gap between renting from a flight school and owning a plane. Each club member pays monthly dues to cover fixed operating costs, such as insurance and tie downs, and an hourly rate to cover variable costs, such as fuel and oil. A flying club gives you, the pilot, greater flexibility and freedom in the use of the aircraft while the shared financial responsibility makes flying more affordable.

How do I join?

We are accepting new applications for membership. Becoming a member is straightforward:

  • Head over to the Contact page or send an email to info@newenglandflyingclub.com.¬†We will be happy to meet with you, show you our office and the aircraft, and answer any questions you may have
  • Submit an application and application fees
  • Once accepted into the club, schedule a checkout with one of our instructors. Note: you will not be able to schedule an aircraft until you have successfully completed a checkout
  • Go fly!

2020-2022 Board of Directors

Vice President

Paul Lascari
Roger Styskal
Adam Bezanson
Jim Briggs
Mike Heneghan
Frank Joyner CFI-IA
Bob Miller CFI-IA
Scott Miller CFI-IA