Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Flying Club?

A Flying Club is an organized group of pilots who come together in a cooperative effort to own and fly airplanes. A club has a group of Board Members who spearhead this effort and make policy with regard to rules and regulations governing the use of the aircraft. These are the Bylaws and Operating Procedures which highlight the easy to understand rules and regulations. In general, our Flying Club gives you the pilot greater flexibility and freedom in the use of the aircraft, to a point where it can feel like your "own airplane." Once you are checked out and signed off on our aircraft, you are free to book an aircraft, grab the keys and go! Flying Club members take pride of ownership and take far better care of our aircraft than if the pilot "rents" from a flying school. In general, the same people know and fly our aircraft and this in turn means they are more familiar with that aircraft's characteristics. Only club members can fly our aircraft. If you feel that you want to become part of our club, and can work well with others in a cooperative club atmosphere, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Why should I join a Flying Club?

Good Question: Many of our recent inquiries are coming from pilots who are giving up their expensive one-owner or small limited partnership group ownerships. The overall comments tend to be the same: “it’s getting too expensive”, “it’s too much airplane”, “the partners are not interested”, "I’m not flying as much as I need to justify the ownership”, “I don’t go the long distances I thought I would”, “the hassle of maintenance, upkeep, fuel, and rent is out of proportion”, “I don’t have the time”, “I just want to go for a half day ride once-in-a-while”, or “I need to downsize”.

All of the above reasons make a Flying Club perfect for today’s pilot. Here at the New England Flying Club, we have a comfortable office. The Executive Board takes care of all the airplane needs, maintenance and paperwork. All you, the club member, have to do is to get checked out and qualified by one of our instructors, book a time slot via our online scheduler, come to the office, get your keys and go. Our aircraft are completely refurbished with new paint, interiors, and digital avionics and are maintained in like new condition inside and out! Our high quality Beechcraft Fleet is ideal for today’s occasional flyers. We invite you to come in and sit down with a board member at your earliest convenience. Find out why New England Flying Club membership gives you that same “Pride of Ownership” feeling without all the hassle of individual ownership, or all the red tape, convoluted restrictions and plane booking inconsistencies associated with old fashioned flying school rental planes. The difference will be immediately obvious!

Where can I learn more about what it takes to earn my rating?

Go to AOPA - Learn to Fly to learn more about how to become a pilot.

How do I pay for my flying?

At the beginning of each month you will receive a statement that details all the flying you did during the previous month, and lists all your charges and credits. Each month you will pay for the prior month's activity by sending a check to the club treasurer. You can also use PayPal if that is more convenient.


How do I join and get information?

Currently, NEFC has a limited number of membership openings. We are seeking, mature, responsible, qualified pilots. We will also talk to, and give guidance to, non-current pilots to help you get back on the path to currency. We will talk to non-pilots who have a real interest in aviation and give you the options available to get you licensed. The next move is up to you.

For Information on becoming a member, contact us at: today!